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CDM Projects

In a constantly changing global market place for carbon emissions and emission reduction projects, a small and flexible firm such as Global Edge Carbon is ideally placed to tap and exploit emerging markets quickly and efficiently.

With Australia signing the Kyoto Protocol and the likely introduction of an emissions trading scheme in Australia in 2015, it’s no surprise a group of Australian businesses are breaking into the €2 billion a year global CDM market. Global Edge Carbon is at the leading edge of this group, developing and applying our skill base to renewable energy generation and energy efficiency projects across the ASEAN region.

Our expertise stems from experience with joint venture partners in local renewable energy projects. Our offering includes end-to-end project consulting and project management services to a wide range of companies engaged in the CDM market.

Global Edge Carbon services include:

  • Identifying and screening potential projects
  • Matching project partners (owners and sellers of emission credits)
  • Applying new and emerging technologies to projects
  • Preparing pre-design feasibility reports (FSR) and project idea notes (PINs)
  • Managing design, validation and registration, completing PDDs and liasing with DOEs
  • Overseeing construction and monitoring.

By drawing together Australia’s broad skill base of carbon market expertise, Global Edge Project Consulting can also serve as a single contact point for project owners looking to find all required CDM project skills in one place.