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Carbon Asset Management services

Global Edge Carbon is a carbon asset management company and a key supplier of project based certificates to the compliance and voluntary carbon markets.

By bridging the gap between local projects and global markets we have been delivering end to end strategic consulting business and implementing carbon investment strategies to assist our clients to convert their carbon liabilities into investment assets.

With more than 6 years of experience in the carbon market across the Americas and the Asia Pacific regions our team of lead consultants brings significance experience and specialist knowledge in the biomass, renewables, energy efficiency, waste and biogas to energy, waste heat recovery and wastewater areas.

We are currently working with partners across the ASEAN region to originate and develop carbon abatement projects through the following Asian nations:

  • Malaysia
  • Thailand
  • Brunei
  • Indonesia
  • Bangladesh
  • Sri Lanka
  • Timor Leste

Until 2012 the carbon offsets created y these projets has been sold through European trading partners to European companies and the European emissions trading scheme (EU-ETS). With the recently announced implementation of an Australian emissions trading scheme (AETS) in 2015 we are now focusing on supplying the Australian demand of credits to help meet the 5% emsision reduction targets set by the Australian government for 2020.

Our activities in this market include providing specialist CDM consulting services to project owners, project developers and carbon buyers, as well as working directly with countries in developed markets who wich to access the international offset market that these projects serve. Since the reduction in electricity subsidies  in many countries across the region, we are working closely with manufacturing businesses to introduce advanced energy efficiency technologies and emission reduction measures to their operations offering reduced power consumption, lower energy bills, and opportunities to leverage the global carbon offset market. We expect the opportunties in this sector to continue growing over the coming years as power prices rise and demand for offsets increase globally.

In addition to originating carbon abatement projects and implemeting energy efficiency measures, we are working closely on existing registered CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) projects to address monitoring and verification weaknesses in built projects, which are stopping issuance of credits from these projects. Our engineering and carbon assessment expertise is coupled with aour project management commitment to staying engaged with projects until they are completed and operational. Unlike many CDM consultants in the market, Global Edge Carbon forms a commitment to the work for the duration of projects to achieve the intended outcomes.