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GE Carbon aims to be key supplier of offsets

Global Edge Carbon is positioned to be a key supplier of project- based international offsets for the proposed floating price period of post 2015.

The floating price period (emissions trading scheme) offers real opportunities for carbon asset managers and consultants, to bring the carbon off-take from our projects across the ASEAN region into the Australian market. This is a new market for Australian companies as they purchase credits from off-shore projects, and the expertise of global carbon markets that Global Edge Carbon brings will place us in a strong position to demonstrate a level of confidence in delivering these complex and sophisticated projects.

Currently we expect a lead- time of 3- 4 years to bring carbon abatement projects to maturity and issuing credits. To meet this timeframe and deliver credits in the first year of trading, we will be aiming to find buyers by July 2012 for our project pipeline, as well as sourcing more projects over the coming 12 – 18 months.

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We are currently sourcing energy efficiency and renewable energy generation projects from across the ASEAN and Asia- Pacific region. These projects include manufacturing waste heat recovery and efficiency upgrades, waste to energy in the agricultural sector, micro- (run of the river) and mini- (<5MW) hydro schemes; CFL replacement roll-outs; biomass and gas capture projects.

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GEPC develops new CDM opportunities in Malaysia

Global Edge Projets is developing several new CDM project leads in Malaysia, following a successful Carbon Mission to Kuala Lumpur in March 2010.

Regular marketing trips to Kuala Lumpur since the Carbon Mission have established some strong new relationships between local businesses in Malaysia and GEPC. These leads will be developed over the next few months to build a strong pipeline of CDM projects through the ASEAN region.

GEPC are also working with companies in Australia who are interested in investing in renewable energy and energy efficiency projects under the Clean Development Mechanism of the Kyoto Protocol as a means to reduce their business’s carbon emissions. Over the 5 years since implementation, CDM process has proved an effective and well regulated means for countries and organisations to manage their emissions.

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GEPC to attend Austrade ASEAN Mission

Austrade, the trade arm of Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and (DFAT) has organised a Carbon Mission to visit Malaysia and India in March, 2010. Global Edge Projects was invited to and will accompany this mission to showcase its project management capacbilities in CDM project development to the emerging markets of the ASEAN region.

The mission will present 12 Australian service providers in the CDM, carbon markets to businesses and government departments from Indonesia, Thaliand, Malaysia, Singapore and India. It will be an exceptional opportuntiy not only for Australian businesses to develop new markets across the SEAN region, but also for the development of strong alliances in Australian businesses as they are presented to new markets.

Guy Watson of GEPC will be promoting the company’s capabilities as lead agents in developing CDM projects by working closely with the other businesses on the Mission to demonstrate the depth of Australia’s skills and expertise in developing emerging renewable energy technologies.

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