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Adding value

We believe we have a unique approach to project management. Unlike traditional project management firms who concentrate on delivering projects that are often designed before engaging project managers, we seek out project opportunities where our strategic planning skills can have an impact on the project from the outset.

Like architects have done in the past, we take ‘ownership’ of the project by acting as the client’s representative from inception to completion.

This approach allows us to examine our clients’ needs and the project drivers from the outset. Our methodology is then to employ planning and management tools that let us use this list of needs and drivers to benchmark and track the project’s performance.

For our clients this approach offers the comfort of a continuous and familiar set of guiding hands throughout the life of the project. It also provides the confidence of knowing that project managers have their best interests foremost in their minds.

Our focus on project delivery comes from:

  • Exploring our clients’ needs
  • Undertaking background research
  • Understanding project drivers
  • Establishing project outcomes based on needs and drivers